What Should I Play?

I choose my next game based on whichever games are most popular with the readers.

Vote for as many games as you want. Game not on the list? Vote for it under “Other” and I will add it to the poll.

If I have a listed game, an asterisk appears before it. If I can track down a game and afford to buy it, I will play it.


7 thoughts on “What Should I Play?

  1. Phantasy Star iv is a MUST play for RPGers. Phantasy Star ii and iii are excellent also.

    Shining Force i and ii are also MUST play for strategy/tactical RPGers. MUSTMUSTMUST. They’ve got similar gameplay to Fire Emblem games, only better. The characters are all unique, the stories are quite in-depth, and the games rock.

  2. I can send you Soul Reaver 2 of the Legacy of Kain series (the first Soul Reaver I have on the computer, unfortunately — my brother used to own a copy of the PSX version, but that was ages ago) when you get to it, as well as Legacy of Kain: Defiance. I have Devil May Cry 2 as well.
    And there have been copies of God of War hanging around the Game Stops here when I visit, so if I see it again I’ll snag a copy and send it your way.

    • I see he has a couple games listed. That site reminds me of all the classic RM2K games. Some surprisingly good games came out of that game builder. I wonder whether I can still find all of them.

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