Who are you?
The Sword Emperor, AKA TSE. Writer, video game enthusiast, busy law school student.

Why this blog?
Around 2003, I realized I owned about 50 games I had never beaten; some of which I had never even played. I started keeping a blog of my game experiences, hoping that would keep me focused. Originally, I posted this blog as a GameFAQs thread. My first blog was about, Lufia III (terrible game). I invited people to read and comment. A couple helpful people replied to my posts. More importantly, the blog worked. I beat Lufia III, and have been blogging about my game experience ever since.

Blogging sustains my interest in a game. Without it, I tend to get distracted easily by new game releases. Plus, a lot of people now read the blog, so I created a permanent home for it in 2009 on WordPress.

Isn’t this like a Let’s Play?
Ah-hah! So you notice… Yes, it is, although I don’t specifically focus on humor. The idea for this blog arose independently of the Let’s Play phenomenon.

What’s your favorite genre?

What’s your favorite games?
Suikoden 1, Vagrant Story, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Planescape: Torment, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Legend of Legaia, Shadow of Colossus

What about the games you played before you started this blog? Where can I read those?
You can find some of them on the GameFAQs boards, which now archive every thread. Most of the rest I have archived, but have yet to upload. I will get around to it sometime.

What kind of play style do you have?
I call myself a perfectionist, but that is not exactly true.
I like to see all optional scenes, fight all optional bosses, obtain the best equipment, find all the secrets, get all the endings and acquire all the characters.
… Assuming a game does not have a New Game +, and that I do not intend to play it through a second time. Also assuming that those things are actually worth my time to get: I won’t cry over missing the treasure chest with the Potion x3 in the first town before it burned down.

I also like to have a challenging experience, so I avoid cheating, glitch exploitation, and power-gaming. Sometimes this conflicts with the above, so I take my pick between the two depending on the game I am playing. Usually, though, I find that the goals do not actually conflict.

Why don’t you play [insert game] next? It’s awesome!
It probably is. So are the 65+ games on the poll I have set up. If you see your game on there, vote for it. If it isn’t on there, vote for it under “other”, and I will add it to the poll. If it wins, I will play it next. Remember, folks, this is a popularity contest.

How often do you update?
I try to update daily, more or less. If I have a lot to say, I might do more than one post. If I get very engrossed in a game, am very busy, or there is little to report, I might not post for a day or two.


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