The Jade Cocoon Project

Recently, I reviewed Jade Cocoon. There, I mentioned that Naali_314, of GameFAQs, was a great help to me. When I suggested Naali might have some unique insights as perhaps the only person to go through 1000 levels of the post-game dungeon, he suggested it would be more efficient to link to a wiki he’s been working on. Fair enough.

The Wiki gets into a lot of technical details about the game, and has a catalog of some interesting art. It is apparently still in development, but I’m hoping it becomes a repository of information that just isn’t anywhere else. Sadly, the Jade Cocoon FAQs are sometimes sparse on important details about the game, and there doesn’t appear to be any academic research on the game’s development cycle. Maybe we’ll get something with this project.


One thought on “The Jade Cocoon Project

  1. Thanks. It’s indeed still in development, but you can find many intel a Jade Cocoon fan should know. There are still so many rumors around this game, it’s insane, and I cracked most of them. Thank you also for your questions – it’s helped me to find quite some inspiration and intel for a possibly upcoming guide/walkthrough.

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