The Frustration that is SaGa Frontier 2

SaGa Frontier 2 is one of those games that this blog was designed for. For those who don’t know, I started blogging about a decade ago on GameFAQs itself, before I knew about blogs (and possibly before blogs were a big thing, but I digress). At the time, I had about five dozen video games that I owned, but had never beaten (or, sometimes, never played). I would easily get distracted and go onto a new game.

That changed when I set down my blog and started to post about the games that I was playing, looking for community help when I got stuck, and just enjoying talking about the game as I was going through it. I started with Lufia III, which is a mediocre game, and I’ve played a variety of games since then.

So, SaGa Frontier 2. You know, I played its prequel some years ago, and that was a bitch without the community. The problem is that effectiveness in combat relies upon learning new attacks during combat, by using other attacks, and finding combinations that make two or more attacks go off simultaneously. If you don’t know which attack will “spark” which attack, or which techniques will combo, you could quickly find yourself behind the game’s power curve, and at least one quest is practically impossible to beat without knowing four- or five-person combos.

SF 2 takes that issue and amplifies it, and tosses in a bunch of others. Now, I’m not one to complain about combat complexity; in fact, I think it’s sorely lacking in a lot of RPGs. However, I will complain about clarity. SF2 dumps a lot of information and options on the player from the get-go with no explanation, and it is overwhelming. It is easy to give your party a bad setup, choose bad tactics, and even set yourself up for long-term frustrations. Because of that, I spent an inordinate amount of time pausing the game to ask the forums to explain to me every little detail about how the game works. And it’s brilliant – just, really, they didn’t need to hide the ball.

So I got frustrated. But I must continue. It’s a great game. I just need to work through these horrid growing pains.


One thought on “The Frustration that is SaGa Frontier 2

  1. Unlimited Saga is probably going to be your nightmare.

    Though If it makes you feel better, by the time they get around in Romancing SaGa on the PS2, they finally added tutorials to the game. Though detailed FAQs still help with that.

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