Fun Things in the Works

Time for a preview about what’s coming next!

I have been talking about an Amnesia vlog for a while. Good news! I completed the vlog. Doing an actual vlog is a creative exercise: sometimes it’s hard to find things I want to say, and other times I get to capture my exact feelings during a scene. Because it’s a blind playthrough, lots of time is spent figuring out where to go . I might edit out some of that dead time, and I know I need to edit together the breaks between the individual clips. All told, it would be about a ten hour video once everything is uploaded.

But in addition to editing, I need to get it to work. For whatever reason, I cannot get the audio to properly compress. Until I figure out how to do that, I cannot upload the Amnesia vlog. And because I might have made some silly mistake with that, I want to hold off on making another vlog until I figure out what went wrong with this one. Hopefully, I can get the Amnesia vlog to work. Either way, I will at least upload a review of it.

Speaking of reviews, I also need to review both “Alundra” and “Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.” I just beat both games in the past couple weeks. Here’s an extremely short teaser review for each.

Amnesia starts out really strong: very scary, interesting plot. But by the end, it is no longer scary and the plot is never properly explained. Still, points for atmosphere.

Alundra is awesome. Great music, fun battles, mind-bending puzzles. However, its puzzles are sometimes ridiculously unforgiving.

Circle of the Moon is relatively pretty for a game on its system, but I don’t really care for the music. The plot’s as basic as always, but at least it isn’t silly. The combat and exploration are both really fun, but sometimes bosses are a bit too tough and require either grinding or finding special equipment drops.

Next on my list: Beyond Good & Evil. I thought about waiting for the HD remake, but 1) I don’t know when it’ll be, and 2) It’ll be for the X-Box Live Arcade, which I don’t have. I’ve also heard about plans to release it for the Playstation network, but apparently little is known about that at this stage. So I’ll put up with the compressed music and the outdated graphics. I survived Baldur’s Gate 1; I can do this.

After that, it’s probably on to Valkyrie Profile 2, unless something bumps it from its spot on the chart.

My gaming time might be a bit limited soon because my second semester at law school is starting next week. However, I am happy to report that I did very well in my first semester, so some of the pressure is off. Yet, the second semester has more credit hours than the first, and the classes will in general be a bit harder, so I need to stay on my toes. That said, if the first semester is any indication, I will still have plenty of time to devote to my blog.