Well, that went horribly swell…

I’m free! Free of the blasted Mortuary! I wandered around, killed a bunch of zombies, got an extra hit point from the tiefling (creepy, scary… like everything else there), undid the enchantment on the giant skeletons, met with the ghost of… name… too long… Deionarra, and then had a chat with one of the dustmen… I was lost by that point, so I said, “Yeah, sure, go ahead and have one of the guards escort me out, that would be lovely.” And then they attacked. I – don’t know why. They didn’t attack when they saw that I looked like an intelligent walking corpse. They didn’t attack when they saw me hacking apart zombies left and right (nothing unusual about that?). But when I say I’m lost? “WHAT?! LOOOOOST?! KIIIIIIIILL HIIIIIM!” Aaaaand I slaughtered the rat guy, and I lost the junk, and I only know that either of those things are important because I was looking through a wonderfully detailed FAQ ( http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/file/187975/7964 ) while trying to find the front door (it’s a pain to find some things in this game) and saw I probably missed at least six things. If nothing else, I’m sure this game is going to have high replay value…

But, good things await! I have now made it out to the main section of Sigil. After puzzling with an FAQ, I went back to looking and the door was RIGHT THERE. Hidden recessed against a wall, where you can’t actually SEE the door. Or maybe I just need to get accustomed to the graphics. Either way, no more shall doors prevent me from getting places!

And I can bring back dead allies. Kewl bonus.


But why must the chair float?

My encounter with Dhall, the scribe, was enlightening… sort of. For what I expected of a Dustman, he’s quite genial. In between racking coughs, he told me, while being slightly obtuse, what happened. It seems I never truly die; I also appear to have had adventuring companions, and probably quite a few at that. Dhall wouldn’t get more specific than that, although he did mention the corpse of a girl on the level below, so, hey, I might as well go see if it rings any bells. Then I need to get out of here and hope nobody minds the walking corpse covered in gore, wielding a scalpel and being accompanied by a chatty skull. “Don’t mind me, fellows, just out for a pleasant afternoon stroll. This skull? Oh, you know… RUN FOR IT MORTE!”

Shamble, shamble, shamble…

So, the game opens with me on a slab talking with a floating skull, whom, by the way, does a decent job in combat, thank you very much. I suspect he just… well, bites them. And… he has eyeballs. And… you know, I’m just going to stop trying to think about how Morte functions. He’s magic. Onward!

So, Morte reads to me what’s on my back and reveals, bam, somebody carved instructions. Now, I’m fairly sure I don’t know why, and it’s rather embarrassing that my guy apparently lost his journal AND his memory. Those keepers just screwed everything up for whatever I was doing, now didn’t they? Also, have you SEEN what my guy looks like? Good isn’t beautiful, folks, except in Japan.

So, after getting off the gurney, I go about doing the most sensible thing: shanking zombies for keys and bandages. I’m not sure exactly why being stabbed with a scalpel bothers them that much – to be fair, I did have to hit them several times. I suspect it’s more like I’m bludgeoning them, what with their non-need for blood and vital organs. I wish I had a holy symbol right about now. Skip past this whole messy “having to stabbity-stab them” business. Oh! Oh! Or a fireball. That could work too. Note to self… must – find – fireballs.

Which should work out pretty well. I’m starting with an 18 Wis (of course), a 17 Intel (bam! if you guessed I’m going to be a mage, you are right on the money), and a 13 charisma (I may be an ugly¬† hero, but I’m a charmer).

Now, back to escaping from the creepy Mortuary.

The Creepy, Creepy Intro

The doors part, revealing a sepulchral chamber. An animate corpse wheels a prone figure into the chamber on a gurney. The figure on the gurney begins to twitch and, in a horrifying moment, he has a nightmare where we are exposed to some hellish landscape of memories, including people looking down upon him, a woman turning into a corpse, and his own body undergoing a similar transformation. Then we are back in the chamber, he is on the gurney, and the zombie that carted him in is shambling away.

I can only guess at what’s going on, and I’m not sure which is creepier: the ignorance of what is transpiring, or the knowledge that whatever actually happened is probably far more disturbing than anything I have yet imagined.

Here’s my guess… the guy on the gurney is my character, either at the beginning, or at some later point in the game, though it could very well just be an example of the fate awaiting those who cross the main villain of the story. In any case, this fellow probably got mixed up in more than he could handle and because of that he has been cursed with some form of undeath.

Hah, and to think I -wondered- why this game is called “Torment”. I expect I will be meeting some very unhappy people in this game.

Next Game Blog – Planescape: Torment

The votes are still tied between Okami and Planescape: Torment, but now seems like as good a time as any to decide which game I am going to blog about next. Seeing as how I do not actually -have- Okami yet, that puts it at a distinct disadvantage in my decision-making. Therefore, onward, to Planescape: Torment!

Some things to know before I jump into the game…

1) The game is based on the fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons. It was published during AD&D’s time, so it is going to be a blast from the past.

2) I have played D&D 3.5 & 4th, but never 2nd, though I am somewhat familiar with it, so this should count as an interesting learning experience.

3) I watched the intro video a bit earlier on. Creepy, and more on that later.

Thanks to everybody whose been voting under the “Decide Which Game I Play Next”. You can continue to vote there, as the page will continue to update, and keep records of your current votes.

Wait for the Port or Remake

It’s one of those things you just know is going to happen. You just paid $120 for that rare copy of Valkyrie Profile on the PSX, but it was worth it to play the classic. And then it happens. Port announced! And not just a direct port to the PSP. It’s shinier, less buggy, and a price tag that’s at least half of what you are just paid for a game that might have a scratch on it. Inevitably, if you think about buying a rare game, you know you should just Wait for the Port or Remake.

This has happened to me several times. The aforementioned Valkyrie Profile story is true to life. I got the game only to realize a year or so later that a port was coming out. Nothing against ports or remakes. They’re awesome, a great way for a new generation of gamers to get their hands on the classics that define the genre, but it’s frustrating to drop $75+ on a game over a decade past its time and realize a while later that, if you had waited just an arbitrary while longer, you would have gotten it for half price.

Now, it’s not always true. I played through Vagrant Story, one of the greatest games ever made, and nobody’s even ported it (which baffles me, but perhaps the game is so difficult that it is doomed to remain a niche game).

But Valkyrie Profile, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Final Fantasy Tactics, even Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (seriously, what’s with that?) all got the port or remake treatment.

I suppose it doesn’t matter too much. Usually, the games don’t change enough that if you played the original, you would still be lost if you played the new version. And there is still something to be said about having the original version of a game, and can you really be frustrated about a remake that you could not have known was coming? I mean, c’mon, it’s just a game…

…Yeah, I’d still rather have the newer version.

The Question I’m Always Asked…

“Where can I find your old logs?” Until recently, you would have had to scour the GameFAQs message boards in hopes of finding them, and even then, some of the older ones are just plain gone. Fortunately, I decided a few years ago to start archiving my blogs for the day I had a better medium to post them. I believe that time is now. I am going to start creating pages for some of my old blogs so you can readily access them. You won’t find a blog for every game I ever played. I didn’t start blogging until a few years ago, and it wasn’t until relatively recently that I began archiving them, and even then, I -did- miss a few and others I just did not actually write about. To make up for that, I suppose I might have to do some reviews later on… (no promises on that, but, hey, if you want to see what I thought about Baten Kaitos, just ask).

In other news, thanks to those of you whom are voting on the poll. Despite having a ton of choices, it seems I now have something approaching a relevant statistic. By the way, I added “Rogue Galaxy” and “Majora’s Mask” to the list of games. I plan to pick a game for the site’s first blog sometime this week.